organic garden

Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that's bratwurst or baseball caps or vampire bat removal.

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organic products

All our products are organic, directly from the garden, free of chemicals

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Our kitchen

We select the best products of the land and sea, We use fresh products of the best quality, to make traditional dishes, always with a special touch.

But we also have the wise hands of master pizzeros who, in each pizza they bring to the wood-fired oven, put years of inherited tradition and passion for their culinary culture.

Chefs and chefs who love their work and have a long journey of learning, sacrifice and success. A team that knows that excellence is always one step further and a space that we build daily, thinking about the welfare of our customers.


Organic garden

What is Permaculture ?

Here in Pachamama, we try to have a permaculture living. Here are the three main principles of permaculture for the garden :

Think about your neighbours : everything works better together

  • we try to pair plants that benefit from each other
  • for instance peas and beans fix nitrogen into soil and help the others to grow

Think about the environment : take care of the soil

  • we try to adapt the treatment we have given to every plant we have
  • we don't kill the soil with monoculture

Tender loving care

  • we love our garden and try to think long term before planting.


We can show you what we do ! 

When you stay with us, we would be more than happy to show you around our garden. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables a lot of which are grown here at pachamama and some more that is grown and managed on our other site Pachalago.

Organic Products

Here the fruits and vegetables that grow on our garden

Republica Pachamama and his neighbourg at the Lake Pachalago produce a huge quantity of platanos, Yuka, Guanavana. You will enjoy the tast of this tropical food